Autumn at Mr Fresh


As as cold is settling into Mr Fresh we are focusing on the beautiful blooms coming through our warehouse... 

We are very excited for the influx of stunning stock beginning to come through our doors as the temperature drops. 

Keep your eye out for floral and foliage such as: 

Protea, Blushing Bride, Hellebores, Anemone, imported Peony, Allium, Sim Carnations, Queen Anne Lace, Scabiosa, Cotton Flower (special order), Tulips, NZ Cymbidium, Wax-flower, Leucadendron, Kale, Japanese Lisianthus and of course our amazing variety of local and imported roses.

Keep up to date with our ever-changing stock through our Instagram and Facebook account, or pop into the warehouse and pay us a visit in person - you won't be disappointed.  

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”  - Albert Camus

Mother's Day at Mr Fresh

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Mr Fresh are thrilled to partner up with the Melbourne Market, Flowers Victoria and Flower Association to create an amazing buzz around Mother's Day this year. 

Our goal is to make sure all lovely mums are treated to a bunch of flowers on Sunday 13th of May. 

Help us spread the word and love for all mums by tagging your pics with #buyabunch 

Summer at Mr Fresh

Hot and humid, then record rainfalls all in one week have seen extreme challenges for all floral stakeholders. Firstly the hot humid weather, one of the longest stretch of days over 30 degrees for the month of November has increased flower production by two and three fold. Growers normally plant to harvest even numbers week in week out. Our recent unusual weather conditions has brought in multiple crops all in together.  We are seeing huge volumes of oriental and la lilies being offered at discounted prices.

The flip side to the high temperatures excessive rainfall and over production brings  demand well below average. The current market place offers a lot of flowers with full colour and blooms more open than usual I turn reflects older product and less vase life.


All things Christmas!!, pointsettiers, x-Mas trees both cut and potted, holly, spruce, pine cones, painted corkwood and x-Mas Lillies are all in high demand and selling well.

Excellent supply of hydrangea is flooding the market as the large plantings of the last 3-5 years are starting to reap their rewards.



Peonies have certainly been pushed along with the recent hot humid conditions. Local production is almost over. Tassie and New Zealand peonies will linger on for an other 2-3 weeks, although their volumes will decrease and prices will spike, especially in the premium size and varieties ROSES With peonies & tulips in low supply roses will have a resurgence leading into Christmas. Local roses are nearing their first flush as growers prepare their bushes for the Christmas harvest. There's limited range of varieties and head sizes are getting smaller. (All due once again to the recent relentless hot weather) Imported roses have once again become flavour of the month. In very strong demand due to their wide selection of varieties, consistency and good volumes.


Today was also last day of the year to visit all your Nusery suppliers at the monthly Caribbean plant trade day.

Till next week.. keep flowerin' !

Paul Pavlou and the team at Mr Fresh


Early Summer at Mr Fresh

Welcome valued customers to our first weekly newsletter. 

Each week we’ll let you know what’s in abundance, what’s limited and what you can look forward to.

With Spring almost to an end and summer knocking on our doorstep, Christmas is just around the corner. 

The relentless hot weather has brought many and varied challenges. There’s an abundance of flower availability, probably the most volume we’ve seen for 8 months

Firstly, with the festive season approaching excellent supplies of Poinsettias, Holly, Green & Blue Spruce, white painted Corkwood, Pine Cones, Christmas trees both potted and cut, and of course the symbolic Christmas Lily.

A glimpse of some new flowers coming in with local Lissianthus volumes starting to build and our wonderful iconic waterlilies are in full swing.  Queensland Brain Celosia in lots of reds, sought after for that Christmas touch and Dahlias from NSW have just begun.

Amaranthus has been well received although it is limited supply.  Smoke Bush is starting to flower up and looking magnificent.  Peonies are in full flush, great quality and excellent value.

Foliages- Camellia, Laurel and Magnolia have all but finished as the trees are going through the next period of growth.  Most florists are finding comfort with Green and Copper Beech, Oak foliage, Rhodo Foliage, Peppercorn, Smoke Bush and Ivy Berry.  There’s still ample supply of lush Viburnum both local and from NSW.

Gum foliages such as pulverulenta (Sticky Gum), Cinerea & Crenulata are a bit hit and miss and we suggest you substitute with green long leaf Euculyptus & Chestnut Foliage.


Hope you’ve enjoyed our first Mr Fresh News update. We’ll be back next week. 

Paul Pavlou and the team at Mr Fresh